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Looking forward to

Posted by: gfgfgfgfgfgf5 on 12/25/2018 08:57 PM

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, the long-awaited wonderful summer vacation has finally arrived. I can also take advantage of the great summer vacation to come to Guilin []Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online[/url], which I dreamed of.the saying goes, "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world!" Guilin is famous for its unique landscape []Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping[/url]. People who have been to Guilin have been unable to help themselves: "Guilinshan fruit is a well-deserved reputation!" When I learned the course of "Guilin Landscape" After that, the desire to go to Guilin is even stronger. I really came to Guilin, I was deeply shocked by it - Guilin can't be described in ordinary language!ented a small boat and quietly began to appreciate the mountains of Guilin. I have climbed a dreamlike mountain with a cloud-like wonderland. I have visited the maple leaf like a fire, and I have never seen the mountain of Guilin. The mountains of Guilin are really high, and the peaks of the mountains are stacked up, and one can't see the side, so that people can't help but marvel at its grandeur; the mountains of Guilin are really wonderful, and the blocks are undulating and strange, which makes people have to admire its magical work; The mountains of Guilin are really dangerous. The strange rock formations are steep and steep, which makes people feel shocked and scared cold sweat. watching the mountains of Guilin, we went on to enjoy the second best in Guilin. Squatting on the bamboo boat, quietly continue our trip to Guilin. I visited the West Lake, which is like a mirror. I looked at the rough sea, but I never saw water like Guilin and Lijiang. The water of the Lijiang River is really clear, and it is crystal clear. You can see the sand at the bottom of the lake at a glance []Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes[/url], so I can't help but gently hold the water, wondering if this is an illusion; the water in the Lijiang River is so good, the winter is cold and the summer is cool, the water is fine. One color, I couldn��t help but put my head into the water and taste the sweet water of the lake. The water of the Lijiang River is really amazing. I have produced many famous specialties and raised the people of Guilin from generation to generation. I have to be awesome to it.'s mountains are high, strange and dangerous; Guilin's water is clear, good and strange. Such a mountain is surrounded by such water. Such water reflects such a mountain. The two are united in one body, and they are seamless and beautiful []Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]. It is really a "Guilin landscape is the best in the world". I can't help but sigh with sincerity: ��Shan Gao Road is dangerous and strong, and the water is clear and curious. The green mountains and green waters are intertwined, and the beauty of the world belongs to Guilin!��ds, have you seen the surging sea? Have you heard the majestic sound of thousands of horses? morning, the sea is calm. A round of red sun rises from the east, the red light of the sea, the white clouds flutter in the blue sky, and the seagulls fly close to the sea and dance happily. It��s really ��the sea is wide and the fish is flying, and the sky is high.�� The industrious fishermen drove the early sea to fish and kelp, and the sun gave them a golden dress. The sea water rushes to the beach, splashing white and shining waves, all this is so beautiful, so charming!, in the evening, the sea turned into another appearance. It became like a boundless battlefield []Cheap Cigarettes Newports[/url]. The sea breeze blew a sharp horn. The waves seemed to be violently attacked by thousands of iron horses, making a rumble, on the shore. The heavy stone of the heavy weight, drowning it with a Buddha. At this time, the silver-plated moon just showed a smile. When I saw this scene, the moon trembled and hid in the clouds, and all the stars closed their eyes. Gradually, the sea was tired, so it slowly stopped, it slowly calmed down. The silvery moon showed a smile again. The sea was like a rounded, glass ribbon. The stars couldn��t hear the terrible sound. They also opened their eyes, naughty. Squinting. The stars of the sky and the bright lights on the shore are so bright in the water, what makes you feel good.

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