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Gypsum board including decoration materials

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 12/25/2018 04:22 AM

<p>The tiles are made of high-temperature resistant metal materials, mixed with clay, quartz sand, etc., and are manufactured by grinding and other processes to create acid and alkali resistant tiles. For example, polished tiles, antique tiles, etc. are all tiles. The difference between the use of ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles is actually one of the ceramic tiles, which indicates that <a href="">composite kitchen flooring distributor Philippine</a> there is a porcelain surface, which is a thin layer patch, which is suitable for the wall surface; and the ceramic tile refers to the porcelain floor tile, which is suitable for the ground. The inner texture of the porcelain sheet is relatively high in internal requirements, and no air bubbles can occur.</p><p> Because the bubbled ceramic sheet changes when the temperature difference changes, it is prone to <a href="">pool wood deck construction</a> freeze and chipping. The ceramic tile is sintered from porcelain clay and requires air bubbles inside. Not high, there is not much impact. Thickness tiles and tile surfaces vary in thickness, tiles are thinner, and tiles are thicker. The anti-slip property is anti-slip property, the smoother the porcelain is required, and the ceramic tile requires a certain anti-slip property, so that the safety performance is better.</p><p> The service life of the ceramic tile is short, and the water absorption rate is low, and it is prone to breakage after being used for a long time. Phenomenon; while the tile has a longer service life, as long as no hard object collision occurs, there is generally no breakage. The weight can be distinguished by the weight of the <a href="">what size lumber for deck</a> tile and the ceramic tile. Generally, the tile feels lighter, and the tile feels heavier.</p>

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