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After the 5.12 Wench

Posted by: ylq on 01/05/2019 01:58 AM

After the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake []Marlboro Gold Without Duty Stamp[/url], our classmates actively offered love to the disaster area and a large number of loving little angels emerged. Therefore, the school is ready to invite the magic master Liu Qian to spend the joyful "June 1" with us.
At 8:00 in the morning of June 1, when Liu Qian stepped into the classroom door of our class, the classroom immediately became active. Some girls jumped to the table and shouted: "Liu Qian, I love you." Some boys patted with the girls. Table... When the classroom was quiet, Liu Qian bowed to everyone with a gentleman and said, "The students are so welcoming me, I am very happy, give the students a face-to-face ceremony." A piece of colored rope, took a sigh of relief, and then used his hands to tie the knot on the colored rope. Then a miracle appeared. I saw that the colored rope became a big line: "Children, I love you." There was another round of applause��s time for the show. Liu Qian took out a lot of toys from the bag, there were Ferris wheel, bumper car []Buy Cigaretes Marlboro[/url], electric boat, hotel... everything was like a playground. At the beginning, the students saw their eyes glow, but for a while []Wholesale Newport[/url], they were disappointed. These things are really attractive, but after all, they are toys. Liu Qian seems to see our mind and asks: "Students, I don't want to go in and play." "Thinking" we said in unison. "Then I will realize the wishes of the students." Students, look at me, do not believe that Liu Qian will have such a skill. "Who is going to try?" Liu Qian asked. At this time, "cloud spirit" Ma Yunfei jumped onto the podium. "I will try it." The students discussed: "How is Mazi so active today? Is Mazi a child care for Liu Qian's brother?" Liu Qian smiled and said mysteriously: "The following is the moment to witness the miracle." After that, he stretched out his fingers and blew his mouth []Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online[/url], and he sighed on the face of the horse. The horse immediately became smaller. Until those toys have become his giant. The students were very happy and hoped that Liu Qian would make himself smaller. So the whole class became a "dwarf." We rushed to the "Amusement Park." Here, we put down the burden of learning, forget the pain of unsatisfactory results, play happily, like a bird that releases a cage, can be happy...
The time for interaction is here, we will surround Liu Qian��s brother and listen to Liu Qian��s story. Liu Qian loved magic very much since he was a child, and often thought about how to create new magic. The university has been unable to find a job since then, so that his relatives are very sorry for him, and his mother is worried about him. However, Liu Qian has always been loyal to the magic. He has no intention to find a job, and even earns money to support himself. Hard work pays off, through Liu Qian's unremitting efforts and constant innovation []Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online[/url], he finally succeeded... After listening to the story of Liu Qian's brother, I know that if you work hard, you will have the truth.

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