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When the last dream

Posted by: gfgfgfgfgfgf5 on 12/25/2018 08:57 PM

When the last dream in the morning, wake me up from the morning dream; when the first morning sun rises in the morning, wake up my eyes; when the morning bird screams, wake my ears; when the sweet morning flowers, I taste Wake up, I, a double chair seated on the shore of the beautiful and civilized Lingjiao Lake, started a beautiful day.more and more people doing morning exercises, I also ushered in the first pair of guests today - a couple, seeing how they look can be said to be a beautiful girl, I feel very honored to serve them, then other " The buddies have cast their envious eyes.took out the oranges, peeled them gracefully, and put the scented orange peel on me. I suddenly felt like I was embroidered with a beautiful little red flower. I felt a little embarrassed.! The good times are always so short, they have to leave, the last glimpse of me, and left, and left a lot of "gifts" to me, I suddenly fell into the abyss, I still hold a glimmer of hope, Because they have a placard in front of them, it reads: Take care of the environment, start with me. However, they turned a blind eye, I wondered, how can they bear to bear such a good environment, "Who is this?", I can not help but sigh.w that the house leaks and even the night rain, these orange peels have attracted "Master Kong", "Wahaha" ... some "partners", after a while, I am completely unrecognizable. The "buddy" that provoked me couldn't help but snicker.nly I found a cell phone lying beside me. Oh, it turned out to be the girl. I can��t help but secretly thank you. It��s really a bad news!his time, a pair of mother and daughter came towards me, I could not help but ignit a glimmer of hope []Cheap Cigarettes Newports[/url], will they help me clean the "battlefield"? But when they slammed []Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S[/url], they laid a newspaper and sat up. My eyes were dark and it seemed to be no more! Not long after, they aredaughter turned back and said, "Mom, let's clean up the dirty things!"y!" Mom promised happily. When they finished, they were busy.y, how come there is a mobile phone here?"re must be someone accidentally falling here, then let's wait here!" Mom said to her daughter. while, my first "guest" finally came, looking at the empty chair, they suddenly panic, I can not help but have a burst of pleasure.t as the couple was disappointed to leave []Lights Cigarette[/url], a voice came. "Is this your cell phone? I found it from the orange peel."couple suddenly had a great surprise, and there was a hint of embarrassment: "We just ate the oranges and forgot to sort them out []Cheap Carton[/url]. I am really embarrassed. I must pay attention again next time."le phone finally returned to the original owner, and they left.t I saw and heard today makes me deeply aware that a good behavior can cultivate people around me, and a bad behavior can affect people around me. I really hope that everyone can be like a little girl []Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes[/url], be a civilized person, everyone will wal

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3 weeks ago
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